Thursday, August 4, 2011

The "Us" Factor

Look at that Mexican mustache!!

At any moment in the next few weeks, my wife and I will no longer be just "us."  We've been a couple for 10 years and married for 8.  So the thought of adding another person to our dynamic, I have to admit, is gonna feel a little weird at first.

We met at probably the most unlikely place dudes go to pick up chicks.  I was the nerdy looking guy with glasses hanging up Hot Wheels on the shelf in the toy department, while she was selling jewelry to the busted looking mommas trying to impress that guy at the local bar.

You guessed it...  The hottest chicks hang out in the jewelry department at Wal-Mart.



Well, the rest did take care of itself.

10 years later, here we are waiting for the arrival of our first child.  For 10 years it been just "us."  We added 3 dogs along the way, but until now, its been just the two of us living our selfish little lives.

We knew that kids would, at some point, be apart of our lives, but we wanted to have time to be "us."  We admitted to ourselves that we were too selfish to have kids.  We went through plenty of back-n-forth moments of "let's try for a kid now" or "well... lets wait."  But now, our selfish moments are completely gone.

Eat your heart out Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse.

In the past 10 years, we've had plenty of moments to be "us."  We've done some awesome things together. Plenty of trips to great places in the states.

We've road tripped it to Georgia for some family time in a cabin.

Been to the southern tip of the US to Miami, Florida.

Canoed the Spring River in Arkansas.

Seen plenty of kick a$$ rock concerts together.

We've been to New York City...

And to Las Vegas...

Me and "Lucille"
A bong's worth of tequila and fruity goodness.
Try drinking this and walking from the Mirage to the Mandalay without peeing...

This picture cost me $5.
Storm Troopers are feeling the financial crisis too, I guess. 

Hey...  were are all the pics of my wife in Vegas??

We love to just be plain goofy and weird together.

And now we live here, ready to start our family and start a new journey as the Miller family.
Louisville, KY Skyline
Taken by me on July 14th, 2011

Our fun times as "us" have been a blast, but we are so ready to complete our family and bring our daughter inside our dynamic duo.

We will never stop being us, and we look forward to the trips to Disney World, the zoo, the lake, birthday parties, family time and all the other fun stuff.

We have been trying to soak up these last few days of being able to walk around our house in our undies, watching all the "grown-up" shows on TV, going to bed when we want too, sleeping in on the weekend, eating out, going to the movies, and being lazy.

It still really hard for me to comprehend that we created the perfect mix of "us."  I mean she growing inside my wife's belly right now.

A real, true life, little Miller baby is about to show herself to the world any day now!!

Will she have my wife's nose?  My ears?  Blonde hair or brown hair?  Will she be a comedian, a writer, or a musician?

Its just daddy, mommy, your 3 dogs and your baby room, waiting for you to arrive.

Only one thing missing from this photo.  

Your family is ready for you Harper.  Come join the crazy and goofy family that is US!!!!

If you ever experienced this feeling before, I would love to hear your story in the comment section below!


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COMING SOON:  A cross-promotion post, including complete baby room photos, and links to where you can find the stuff!


  1. Your wife was working while you were out buying pictures with Star Wars characters :) I think that is why pictures of her are so scarce in The Vegas!

  2. I always said, that although our child would be the most important part of our lives, there would still be an 'US'. Once we are in a position to, a baby sitter will be found and I will make sure we go for a meal/night out....Just US.

    By the way...I LOVE Vegas. Been 3 times and will go back when the times right!

  3. Yes, my wife was in Vegas on business and I was there for pleasure. We had a few "us" moments together there, but not enough.

    Next time, when we return, it will be different.