Monday, August 15, 2011

The Baby Waiting List Sucks

OK.  OK.


You can't snuggle your wife in bed anymore.  (THIS REALLY ISN'T COOL)


But the thing that bothers you the most, is being placed on the Baby Time.

What is Baby Time?

Well, when you have decided to have a completely "natural" birth, like us, you get placed on a waiting list.  (I thought I was done with waiting list after 11 years of college, but my daughter has decided to make sure I get on another before I graduate.)

It sucks.  I didn't like them in college, and I really HATE this one.  

The big due date for us is this Thursday, August 18th.  So ANY DAY NOW we could meet our daughter.  

This may very well be the last post before she is here, and I had to force this post out of me, because I've honestly just ran out of ideas to post about until she gets here.  So hopefully this weeks Wordless Wednesday post will be the first pics of our little girl??

So can I ask all of my fellow parents and daddy bloggers a favor?  Do a rain dance, post me a tip or give me a suggestion on how I can make her come any faster.

I will leave you until then with a couple of pictures I've taken over the past couple of weeks, because photography has become another way for me to make time pass by until she gets here.

Until then!!


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