Friday, July 22, 2011

The Gummy Bear That Changed My Life Forever

I've been a little emotional lately.  I'll admit, I'm that guy that cried at end of Marley and Me.  I teared up when Goose died in Top Gun.  I cried during The Blind Side, Rudy, and I even cried when Teddy Duchamp, from Stand By Me, talks about his father storming the beaches of Normandy.

I am definitely an emotional dude, and I'm not afraid to show it.

But here lately, I'm emotional for a much different reason.

Fridays are my day to let it all out...  I'm off work, I can walk around the house in my boxers all day, I can stay in the AC all day, and I can cry like a baby all day if I want too, and no one has to see it.

It's become my favorite day of the week for many reasons.

It was Friday, December 10th, 2010, that my wife called me at 6:15am, while I was 100 miles away all week at school prepping for a huge exam, to tell me she was pregnant with our first child. 

The proof is in the pee.

This picture makes me cry and laugh, because I made my wife go buy the preggy test that had the words on it, because, even though she showed me the other 4 (with the double lines), this guy needed the hardcore proof.

I needed a WORD not a LINE.  Words speak louder than lines for me.

It was Friday, January 14th, 2011 when I heard our child's heartbeat for the first time.

I put together this little sample I recorded that day, so I could cherish that moment forever.  

Before we found out the sex of the baby, we chose a little pet name for it.  My wife loved the little Monchhichi pets when she was little, so we called our child "Monchhichi" for a while until the name evolved into "Cheech".  

Sorry for the "is" instead of "are" mistake at the beginning.  I did this really quickly, while trying not to lose it...

Here's a little video I sent to my wife one day.  (It was the first time, her "Monchichi" said hello to her.)

Yeah, we are weird, we know...

It was Friday, January 14th when I saw this gummy bear that changed my life forever. 

It's cute, right?

I've seen some beautiful things in my life, but this little Gummy Bear tops it all for me.  Who knew seeing a picture of a Gummy Bear could make a grown man cry, down right bawl really..., in a small room in a doctor's office.

From this moment on, Fridays would be Daddy's day and Cheech's day.  It's the day we connect and start bonding, even though she isn't here yet.

Most of our midwife appointments have been on Fridays.

I clean the house and continue working in the baby room on Fridays.

I read the new baby magazine on Friday.  And today...

I'm blogging on a Friday, about how a Gummy Bear changed my life forever.

A few emotional words for my daughter... 
(God, I'm crying for like the 3rd time already) 

As I write this today, I have teared up more than once thinking about how much more your mommy and could love this gummy bear more than we do right now.

We have about 4 weeks until your mommy is full term, and we are both antsy, crawling out of our skin, nesting, preparing, and just waiting for when you arrive.

You will be the most loved gummy bear that ever existed, and we both promise to try our best to be the greatest parents God could ever make.  We can't wait to see your face, little hands and feet, and to hear you cry for the first time.

Your daddy is a crier, so I will be right there bawling my eyes out as soon as you see us for the first time.

We truly can't wait for you to meet your sisters and brother (dogs..) Brady, Ellie and Sophie, your Mimi and Papi, Yaya and Papa, and aunts and uncles.  Your family has waited so long to meet you, and we all promise to do everything in our existence to raise you to be a beautiful women someday.

We love you so much Harper.


Your Daddy

(Now to go cry some more...)  


  1. sweet daddy you going need one hellva box of tissues. I like that you used some audio recording and what a record for the kid.

  2. Man... I really can't help myself anymore! I'm going crazy over here playing this waiting game.

    I started the blog for her to have later in life and its become my way of connecting with other Dads out there. Thanks for reading!

  3. What a sweet sentiment. And I agree, the real pay off will be sharing these memories. Maybe your children will blog about the experience and start a chain reaction into future generations of keeping emotional, loving records to pass down to our great great great great grandchildren long after we are gone. A never ending chain of family.

  4. I want to give you a big fat hug right now! You're going to be an awesome daddy!

  5. @The Reverse-Dad. Thank you sir. That would be great wouldn't it!? Sometimes I'm a pretty sappy guy, who just likes to be honest.