Sunday, July 17, 2011

Was I Invited To The 2010 Thanksgiving Baby-Making Party, And Didn't Know It?

Something really strange is happening around me.  The more I begin to network with new Dads, friends, and parents in the blogosphere, around the city, and in my own neighborhood, I've come to the conclusion that last year's turkeys had some "good sperm" genes in them, or something.

In our Bradley classes, 3 out of the 4 couples (including us), are all due on the EXACT same day.  August 18, 2011.  I just ran across another fellow dad blogger today, that is gonna be a "first-timer" in August too.  My wife's best friend, who lives 3 houses down from us... also due on August 18th.

If you count back, that makes the Baby-Making Party, somewhere around Thanksgiving of 2010.  I guess that thing in turkey that makes you sleepy, had the opposite effect on me and other "wild dudes" that night.  No...

We didn't want to sleep after filling our guts with mashed potatoes, ham, turkey, corn and green beans.

Our party didn't stop when every one left the house after our good social family reunion.

You could say our party actually "started" when Mom, Dad, Grandma and our 3rd cousin left the house.  :)

It was time to join the baby-making parade and work off those 6000 calories we just devoured in front of our closest peeps.  We came to the party without an invitation, and walked out with a new perspective on life...

The last time that happened to me was when I, along with a few friends, walked into a Sigma Pi party in college.  We were Sophomores, who thought we had experienced true "drunken" paradise.  Our new perspective?  We couldn't hang with the "big boys," so we didn't last long and left pretty quickly.

But now, fellow dads, we can know that our little party last year, was the coolest party we have ever been too.

It was a party that changed our life forever.  One that will go down in the history books.

No Budweiser needed to know that you actually populated the Earth with someone that will look like you, talk like you, and might even grow up to be even "cooler" than you.  (Admit it, its probably gonna happen.)

So, Here's to you fellow August 2011 new Dad...  Here's to you buddy...

I raise my glass to what God put us on Earth to do.  Eat a little turkey and make a few babies.  We can now say we are good at both.  (I never add my doubts about the first one, but the second...)

The wife and I live in Bourbon Country USA, so life around here, now always includes a little Woodford Reserve, Maker's Mark, and Buffalo Trace when celebration time rolls around.  So I want to share a great Bourbon Turkey recipe that I made before last year's party.

I will suggest not using your best bourbon like I did.  I'm kindof pissed now knowing I used half a bottle of Woodford for this at the time.  (My wife was too...)

Here's some pics of me making it.  Super easy and pretty damn good too.

The essentials

Cheese cloth to soak up the bourbon

Take a sip first... or 2 or 3.

Oh you can already taste it, can't you?

Soak it up.  Take another drink from the bottle.

Loosen the skin so you can help it absorb the seasonings.

My seasoning concoction.  Lots of rosemary!!! 

Wrap the turkey in the cheese cloth and let it soak for 24 hours, then take it off and put the cloth inside  the turkey while you cook it in the oven.

I couldn't find the finished product picture, so as soon as I do, I will post it.

UPDATE!!!  I found the final picture.  

Enjoy fellas...  Comment below, if you were at the Baby-Making Party, or if you have tried this recipe before.  I'm a guy that loves to cook, and would love to hear your favorite BBQ recipe or any other food you like.


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