Monday, July 11, 2011

If You're Trendy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands...

Apparently, the wife and I are cooler than we thought...

We have an iMac, iPhones and iPods.

We buy vintage things.*

We love independent films.

We buy our veggies at the farmer's market.

We named our daughter Harper.

Wait...?  What?  How does our daughter's name make us cool?   Well, today Victoria Beckam (Posh Spice to you Gen X'ers out there) released the name of her first daughter and guess what it was?

Here's a picture for all of you not up on pop culture.

Harper Seven Beckham.  Why not Harper Eight Beckham?  Or Harper Sixteen Beckham?  Lucky number Seven I guess.

We published the name of our daughter about 3 months ago, so our friends have known for a while now what our first child's name was.  Harper Quinn has a much better ring to it than Harper Seven.  Well... we think so.

I do have to be honest here.  We aren't really trendsetters.  We do all the things mentioned above because we simply like to do them.  We named our daughter Harper Quinn because we thought it was unique, not because we wanted to start a trend.

So, are we upset a little when we heard this news?  Of course we are, because if you know anything about the Beckham's or any other celebrity our there, they influence the world in a ridiculous way - hairstyles, baby names, and meat dresses alike.

So now I guess this dad will have to live knowing that my daughter will most likely have a few other kids in her first grade class named Harper.  Thanks alot Posh Spice.  Really, thanks alot.

*Stay tuned for a future cross-promotion blog on our vintage buying addiction.


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