Friday, June 10, 2011

Fatherhood: Step by Step

Hello everyone and welcome to Daddy Dynamics.  My name is Tim.  I'm a 29 year old, soon to be (August 2011) father, and I wanted to chronicle all the various parameters of fatherhood from a perspective of a first time dad.  I've read a few books, looked over a few websites, and downloaded a few apps that are supposed to help us (first time parents) figure out how to compile our own instruction manual for our first child.  I've searched around the web for something geared more to the dad's side of things, and have wondered why we seem to get left out of all the wonders and fun!?

There are plenty of websites, magazines, apps and articles on motherhood, mommy accessories, and the latest nursery decor, but what about the things dads really need to know?  Like how long it takes to put together the crib and other baby furniture (including the level of frustration and back pain involved), how confusing is it to strap your baby in the stroller or car seat to go to the grocery store, the essential tools every dad needs (because from birth until they move out, all dads will have to put together or fix something at some point, right?), and the latest in diaper technology.

The point of this blog is, right now, I don't know the answer to these things, but I will certainly come across all of these different scenarios at some point.  I invite you all to follow along with me as I navigate this exciting journey of being a dad!

10 more weeks to go until our little one is here!  Now to painting that dresser...


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