Saturday, June 11, 2011

The First Essential Tool for New Dads?

Over the past 7 months (we found out in Dec 2010 that we were expecting), I've read alot, I mean alot...  I wanted to find answers to what a new dad can expect when the little one arrives and takes over our lives.  Sure, I knew there will be poopy diapers, crying, and sleepless nights.  For years, my wife and I have always been that couple whose friends all have kids, but we didn't.  So, of course, birthday parties, BBQ's and game nights were always a little awkward, but you can only experience a slice a fatherhood through someone else's kids for so long until the urge to be a father yourself becomes overwhelming.

From my pre-dad experiences with our friends, I've gather that all babies do 3 things, Eat, Poop, and Sleep (lather, rinse, repeat...).  These things are a given, so I needed to focus my attention on what I think most dads really think about, but are hesitant to let anyone know.

Can I still watch UFC?  What am I going to have to put together in the babies room?  (Wait!!?  The baby gets their own room???  I've lived in this house for 6 years and I still don't have my man cave!)  What am I going to have to change in my routine?  Do I actually have to go to Home Depot and ask for a gallon of pink paint?

Yes, wives and mothers.  This is actually what we think about.  Changing that poopy diaper will be difficult to tackle at first, but once we get used to the smell, we can master it pretty quickly.  But we want to know, EXACTLY how our lives are about to change.  Oh, so on to that essential tool...  Is it a power drill, the daddy Bible, a set of screw drivers, or a skill saw?

Actually, its none of these.  The saying goes "A women become a mother once she is pregnant, and a man becomes a father when the baby arrives."  I don't believe this.  The First Essential Tool for New Dads is:  Be a support system for your wife and child.  The one thing I have learned so far, is that our wives love when we get actively involved in the growth of the baby, picking out the decor, and going to the birthing classes.  We have grown together as couples for years (in our case 10 years before our first child), so it's a given that the house pretty much runs on auto-pilot by now.  It's pretty crazy the things you will quickly learn that you never knew about your baby when you get involved.

Our baby went nuts inside the belly every time we watched American Idol.  She also hates vegetable soup.  (My wife LOVES vegetables, but puked it up every time she tried to eat it).  She drinks her own pee inside the womb.  What!?

I'm pretty sure I will have to bust out that power drill pretty soon, but for now I'm going to use this first essential tool to become a father now.  The house is slowly gearing up for the arrival of our baby girl in August.  Stay tuned for some other essential tools for new dads.

So fellow moms and dad's out there, I would love to hear what you think the most essential tool for new dad's should be?  Please comment below and let me know your thoughts!



  1. No doubt! Patience is the prerequisite for the first tool. Patience for mom's crazy cravings and hyper-emotions. Patience for the high demand placed on both parents during periods of low sleep and high stress. I consider myself a patient person, but there were some occasions during the first year where I had to take a step back and collect myself. High demands and higher rewards! Excited for you!

  2. As a father of 3 and a 4th on the way i can tell you that patience is a very good thing to have. especially when your wife starts nesting. she will want to rearrange everything in the house. but its all worth it in the end when you get to hold your baby for the first time. all your worries will melt away

  3. We have absolutely started nesting around here! I actually love it, probably more than I should. Any other tips for a first time dad? Please share and follow my blog!